Do I need a domain name? Hosting?

Your domain name is your web address. Once you have grabbed a great domain name you can link it to your web site, but you'll need somewhere to keep it. This is hosting - the actual physical files, images and text that make up your web site, have to be on a computer somewhere in the world.

Domain names or web addresses are really free for the taking so long as no one is already using them. Someone somewhere has to keep a record of all domain names and where they are on the internet, so when you type a web address into your browser, like, the internet knows you really want the web site stored on computer Because of this you must pay a small fee every year to register your domain name. Typically this is £5 to £40 per year depending on whether it ends in  .com  .biz etc .

When someone types in your web address, their browser will contact computer and ask for the files that make up your page. The computer can be anywhere in the world but it must be reliable, powerful and have a super-fast connection to the internet. This is called hosting, and this is why we use specialist web site hosting companies. Hosting can cost anywhere from £1 to £10,000+ per year depending on the size and kind of web site you have and who you trust to keep it safe.

We will not register your domain, nor do we claim to be able to host your site, but we will help you arrange it.

We have a reliable, trusted and preferred provider who will register and host your domain for as little as £20 to £50 per year. You'll get the benefit of our years of experience choosing, nabbing and hosting domains; more importantly, you'll also legally own your domain, and you will be in control. Sadly not all web designers are as transparent as they could be about who registers and who owns a domain they set up for you.

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